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Google Earth Pro 32-64 Bit

With Google Earth Pro, you can take a virtual tour anywhere in the world. Especially in europe, america, you can visit the streets in the continents. View satellite imagery, maps, landmarks, 3D artifacts, galaxies in depth of space, and the deepest locations of the ocean with the program. It is possible to use the program in many languages ​​including Turkish. Google Earth allows you to view the entire world on a virtual globe, view satellite images, landmarks, 3D buildings and many other features. With the rich, geographical content of Google Earth, you can watch and discover the world’s more realistic image. You can fly to places you like, search for businesses you want to learn, and even navigate by driving directions. Everything is up to you! While the options in Google Earth are endless, here are some things you can do:

– Discover the Earth: Fly into a desired location on the world, get information about the city and the geographical characteristics of the city you want, find local businesses and make tours.

– Discover the Sky: Discover the extraordinary beauty of the sky and learn about our solar system.

– Ocean Branch: Go under the surface of the sea and visit the depths of the ocean, discover the deepest underwater canyons of the planet. Obtain information on species that are threatened by ocean observations, climate change and extinction. You can even explore new places to surf or dive and catch fish.

– Walk on the Moon: Listen to the Apollo astronauts and hover in the landing zone and see 3D models of the space ship landing on the moon.

– Visit Mars: Arrange a trip to the Red Planet and discover the last images NASA has published about our neighbors on the bridge.


Windows XP,7,8,10 32 & 64 Bit Compatible

Size: 106 Mb

Compression: Rar / Unencrypted

Rar Pass: www.torrentship.com

1-Download the program from the download links below.

2-Perform installation of the program.Crack or key there is no need


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